HAFNER Steel wool knives

We now can look back on 60 years of experience in manufacturing steel wool knives. We have been able to build up extensive expertise during this period and this is the basis for our high-quality steel wool knives and the favorable price-performance ratio.

As the world's first manufacturer of steel wool blades, we have proven ourselves as the global market leader by providing reliable quality and high customer satisfaction. We currently supply customers in more than 50 countries on all continents, which also guarantees professional export processing.


Our steel wool knives are manufactured from high-quality chromium steels and high-speed steels for all standard machine types:

  • Type R and RG, dimensions 58 x 8 x 110 to 150 mm
  • Type SE 90, dimensions 90 x 10 x 120 mm
  • Types M 5 and Woolmaster,
    dimensions 120 x 10 x 120 mm
  • For the American market,
    dimensions 50.8 x 8 x 110 to 150 mm
  • For Italian machine types,
    dimensions 200 x 10 x 120 mm

Since June 2010 we offer beside our standard type HAFNER also type DW.

We also manufacture special dimensions for the individual applications of our customers.

In addition, we also manufacture circular blades in different dimensions.



Hafner steel wool knives guarantee an evenly distributed grooving in any requested gauge-width. We are the only manufacturer to produce a gauge-width of 0.06 mm, which is equivalent to 420 grooves/inch.