Standardised gauge parts

We supply high-precision standard components for the design and manufacture of measuring instruments, systems and gauges. These include:

  • measuring slides
  • measuring levers
  • angular heads and extension insertions
  • holders for dial indicator
  • inserts and rod extensions
  • inductive probes

More detailed information can be found on the following pages or in our standardised gauge parts catalog.

Our favorable terms and conditions can be obtained by contacting the department for standard measuring parts directly (phone: +49 711/95767-0,

You can get CAD data in various formats at MyHAFNER.

Measuring slides

The measurement is either made by spring force (for models AF20, AF20P, IF20 and IF20P) or by cylinder force (pneumatic) (for modelsAP20F, IP20F). The return stroke is either made by cylinder force (for models AF20P and IF20P) or by spring force (for models AP20F and IP20F).

The standard spring force is 1 N. It can be either increased or reduced by installing different springs. Please include the required spring force in your order. The measuring force is 4 bar (=7N) for measurements with cylinder force. Total stroke 20 mm (the measuring range depends on the sensor!). Connection nipple and pneumatic hose are included in delivery.

The clamp shank diameter for the probes is Ø8H7, any installation position can be selected. adjustable threaded bolts limit the stroke.

The clearance-free rotation is guaranteed by two precision ball bearings. The base body is made from aluminum.

You will also receive associated measuring levers and inductive probes from us.

Operating principle

The probe (e.g. inductive probes) will be clamped with a clamping bush either on the flexible mid-section (for external measurements) or on the U-shaped outside part (for internal measurements) of the measuring slide. The test piece will be touched by the measuring levers, which is fastened on the measuring slide. The probe (probe or dial gauge) is positioned either on the cross pin on the bar of the U-shaped outside part (for external measurements) or on the cross pin in the flexible mid-section of the measuring slide (for internal measurements).


Measuring levers for measuring slides

Product features

  • matched to HAFNER measuring slide series 1528
  • with HM measuring edge or M2.5 thread for standard inserts
  • bend resistant design
  • this makes cranked sections possible
  • the cranked section can be installed in 4 directions due to the symmetrical design at the measuring slide.

Application area

The fastening dimensions of the measuring levers are made to fit the HAFNER measuring slide series 1528. They are positioned through the use of a guide fit and an alignment pin. They are fastened by an M4 screw. The length gradation is 10 mm. The measuring slide travel is a maximum of 20 mm.

This means that any interim dimension can be achieved. Straight measuring levers as well as heads with cranked sections of 15 mm or 30 mm are available. This makes a minimum distance of approximately 1.5 mm possible between two measuring levels.

We manufacture special workpiece-related probes at short notice and under favorable terms.


Angular heads /extension insertions

For a number of measuring tasks it may be required to extend (bridge) the range between the measuring point and the installation of the sensor (e.g. dial gauge, interactive probe) or to divert it.

Our extension and angular heads with 4 mm or 10 mm strokes accept the required sensor in a mounting bore with a diameter of 8 mm. Our extension insertions with 4 mm or 10 mm strokes are connected through the M8 thread to the extension head (0°) or angular head (30°, 45°, 60° or 90°). The flexible rod extension with a extension insertion diameter of 4 mm makes contact with the workpiece. The motion of the rod extension (stroke 4 mm or 10 mm) is transmitted to the sensor via a angular element in the angular head. Please note when ordering that the angular head, extension head and extension insertion have the same stroke (4mm or 10 mm).

The following types are available:

Series 1123: angular heads stroke 4 mm, immersion depth 33 mm to mid stroke (long version)

Series 1124: angular heads stroke 4 mm, immersion depth 23 mm to mid stroke (long version)

Series 1125: angular heads stroke 10 mm, immersion depth 33 mm to mid-stroke

Series 1127: extension insertions stroke 4 mm (matches series 1123 and 1124)

Series 1128: extension insertions stroke 10 mm (matches series 1125)

Clamping shaft with a diameter of 8 H7 for sensors. The clamping screw for fastening the sensor to the extension or angular head can be used from both sides.

The flat insert for angular heads is included in delivery. The spherical insert, which is normally installed at the sensor, must be replaced by this flat insert so that transmission errors do not occur at the angular element.

The rod extension of the extension insertions can be delivered with threads M 2.5 (design G) or flat (design P). The inserts for design G can be threaded-in with different contact geometries. With design P, contact can be made directly at the workpiece or a clamping probes can be installed. The rod extension of the extension insertions (sliding guide) has an anti-rotation lock.

On request, the extension insertions can be delivered with an additional spring force, either

  • for pressure (design D, amplification of the measuring force), or
  • for pull (design Z, lifting force).

The spring force for horizontal installation is approximately 1 N.

The angular error for stroke 4 mm is a maximum of 5 µ

The angular error for stroke 10 mm is a maximum of 8 µ

The extension insertions can be supplied with bellows (except for a shaft length of 15 mm) to prevent contamination.



These inserts are suitable for screwing into dial gauge (thread M2.5), fine gauges or inductive probes as well as for clamping to ‘P design’ extensions insertions. Touch probes made from hard metal are identified by the letter "H".


Rod extensions

Product features

Suitable to prolongate the rods from dial gauges, precision measuring indicators and probes.


Holders for dial indicator and clamping elements

The holders for dial indicator are suitable for fine gauges and dial gauge, extensions, angular heads and inductive probes with a shaft diameter of 8 mm.


Inductive probes

Mode of operation

Inductive probes (sensors) work in accordance with the inductive measuring procedure with mechanical contacts. A coil system activated by an AC voltage induces an output AC voltage depending on the position of a magnetically soft core in the coil system. The voltage is zero for the symmetrical position, which is the electrical zero point. A shift of the core, which may be fastened to the measuring pin and which records the measured value, creates a change in inductance. This generates a signal which is transmitted to the display and the output after amplification and rectification. Depending on the type of measuring instrument, the analog measuring signal is either displayed directly by a voltmeter or is digitally converted and displayed on a numeric display.

A special feature of the analog reading is the clear correlation between the measured value (position of the measuring pin) and the measured signal (displayed measured value). This has the advantage that the previously measured value is available after an interruption in the power supply (instrument switch-off or power failure).