Standard measuring equipment

Our standard measuring equipment includes:

  • Gear Control: to measure all annular workpieces
  • Polaris: the universal measuring instrument for manufacturing
  • Contact angle measuring instrument: to measure the contact angle at ball hubs and joint housings
  • Two-ball measurement: standard measuring instrument for two-ball measurements and concentricity
  • Flexdorn: flexible measuring systems for bores


The GEAR CONTROL measuring device is suitable for all annular workpieces such as gears, synchronous rings, etc. GEAR CONTROL covers a variety of measurement tasks such as inner and outer diameter, height and width, grooves. Optional: runs, angles and spline measurements.


A universal measuring instrument for scanning joint housings, joint pieces, ball hubs and ball cages (AC, UF, VL, etc.). Measurement data is recorded via incremental travel measurement systems, while measurement data is processed – and the measuring sequence controlled – by the Promess Windows computer. Rotation is practically friction-free due to axles on air bearings. The actuation of the measuring axles on air bearings is contact-free thanks to a linear motor with variable feed speed. Vibration is decoupled through passive vibration dampers.


Contact angle measuring instrument


  • Contact angle
  • Wrap angle
  • Head clearance

Type of measuring equipment:

  • Standard instrument in a variety of designs: universal measuring instrument for ball hubs, couplings and stud axles (AC, UF, VL).


Two-Ball Measurement Measuring Device for Gearing


  • Two-ball measurement 


  • Radial run-out of the ouside gearing to the bore wall of the center bore



Flexible measuring systems for bores

The flex measuring pin lets you combine the highest precision with flexibility.